Ethos Logos Pathos is an institution working on educational world, human resources management, and personal growth in softskill, hardskill, and spirituality. Ethos Logos Pathos also works in publishing and tour travel business. Ethos Logos Pathos itself is a Rhetorical theory of communication made by the philosopher Aristotle.

ETHOS (noun) /ˈiː.θɒs/

Ethos is an appeal to ethics – used as a means of convincing an audience via the authority of the persuader, it depends on credibility and expertise as persuasive techniques.

LOGOS (noun) /ˈlɒɡɒs/

Logos in an appeal to logic – is a way of persuading an audience with logic, reason, using facts and figures.

PATHOS (noun) /ˈpeɪ.θɒs/

Pathos is an appeal using emotion – is a way of convincing an audience of an argument by creating an emotional response to an impassioned plea or a convincing story.

Our story began with serving in Commission of Cathecism, Archdiocese of Jakarta, having more than 10 years’ worth of experience in Retreats, Recollections, and Character Building. Andre Wibawa, one of ELP’s founder has known Retreat ‘world’ from the beginning of his university education to the point of being known by various national and private education, from Elementaries to Universities. Then he made an institution called Trust Muda Indonesia with the vision of building the culture of Ethos (character), Logos (knowledge), dan Pathos (emotional) for youth of Indonesia. In 2017, the dream of creating a legal institution grew stronger. The sayings of Bung Karno ‘Give me 10 youth, then I will shake the world!’, is truly realized through the meeting with J. Soepardi strengthening the ideas of 3 youths dreaming of building a personal growth institution. Finally on 29 Oktober 2018, Ethos Logos Pathos starts its works of entering deeper to the world of national-scale industry!

Professionalism, Transparence, Creativity, and Victory


To be a TOUGH and TRUSTED institution of training and education.


To build and develop training Indonesian human resource based on Ethos, Pathos, and Logos into Heroic Motivation, Heroic Management dan Heroic Leadership.

To build and develop Indonesian education based on Ethos, Logos and Pathos towards spirituality, science, social, enterpreneurship, art, and media quality.

Corporate Training

Character Team Building
This program is made to recognize positive character traits (Tough, open, caring, and strong perseverance). Through this program, participants may:

  • Be able to solve problems in group dynamic
  • Be able to work hard in order to attain maximum result

Programs including Outbound (Living Area Collage), Social Excursion, or Great Amazing Race. Activities are guided by professionals in Character Team Building.

The produce of Man up until now is not separated with using natural resources that God has provided. Through this activity, participants are asked to highly think in creative ways in using various natural objects. Participants will use natural objects often regarded as trash made into valuable art objects, and will be able to share the thought and understanding behind such objects.

The best way to understanding social reality is not by talking about it in classes, but by entering that reality. Through this activity, participants are placed in microexperiences to experience, see, observe, and arrange a simple ‘study’ through various communicative techniques.
In order to do so, they have to act and appear simple, and not creating a social gap towards the observed community.

Group dynamic in form of a game completely presents basic experiential learning method, where participants experience firsthand a theme involving all aspects of personality and realizes the values in it. Participants will face a problem and solves it, until they choose the best way to decide their next step of life.

School Education

Realizing that God may be found and experienced in all aspects of life, from family, friends, to everyone around us. Through the interesting retreat theme, we are called to strengthen that realization. For Elementary, Junior High, and High school in three (3) days.

We have received wonders from God since the beginning of life. Many stories and journeys are to be found in this Retreat theme, so that we may experience the wonders of God, closer and more meaningful. We provide many joyful activities, indoor or outdoor. For Junior High and High School in three to four (3-4) days.

This Retreat theme gives positive stimulations towards the mindset of today’s youth (jaman now) for their growth in relation with others around them and their own selves. For High School and University pupils for three (3) days.

Instant, metropolitan, and modern life often brought youths to end up with weak perseverance and individualistic attitude. Through Live-In program, participants will experience the simplicity and struggles of village life, so that they may have gratitude for life and compassion for others. Klaten, Kulon Progo, Kuningan, or Banten may be the choice of location for four to five (4-5) days.

Human civilization is growing, marked by socio-cultural and technological advance. This program adds knowledge of physical cultural produce, as well as honing consideration, social care, and empathy. Visits of orphanages, factories, historical sites, museums, or government centers may be the options to prepare future education.

Every individual strives to cultivate their gifts and talents as well as aspire to their goals. Thus, every individual have the spirit of seeking knowledges and broad insights. Through this activity, participants will be called to understand human character, colleges, and foreign cultures chosen for future education.

Interest of youth to study Man as a soul is high. This activity is given to youths who are interested to know personality of other people, and even more, applied to oneself. Basic psychological knowledge is given for youths and is readily applied for their daily needs. Be an early psychology ambassador! This programis given to High School students (grade 10-12).

One of the most interesting life goals is sharing what is good. This activity is a professional’s way proficient in their respective fields to share their knowledge, especially for students, in topics that gets their interest (Physics, Math, Biology, etc). It helps students both in test preparations and Science Olympics. Reserved for Elementary, Junior High, and High School students.

Business Unit

Writing is one of our specialties, in the spirit of knowledge that knowledge is not good enough without its written form. Knowledge that we know is written into a book so that you may know as we know. We will also help you print your own. We are here to support you realizing your dream of having your own book.

Business and routines made an individual, needing to grow in emotion and faith, saturated. This activity is hoped to ease it for a while, guided by reflective activities everyday. Options including Bangka, Manado, Bali, Java (Solo, Semarang, Jogja, Salatiga). Time and location is adjustable.

We believe that every individual in any community is unique, joyful, and creative. This activity joins these three aspects in a container as a warm ‘family’. Familiarity may pop up through this activity, even to the point of knowing that others are more than meets the eye.
This activity can be done in one or two (1-2) days according to your communal needs.

Man is a spiritual creature. The self-realization as a creature drives one to cultivate and grow in order to be more faithful to Him. Through this Holyland Trip, participants will be able to contemplate the journey of Salvation God offers, starting from The Call of Abraham until Jesus’ death at the Crucifix as the peak of His Salvation. May we be more thankful for God’s Goodness and grow in faith.

Is magic outdated? No! This class made a new perspective for magic, given not only for ooh-and-aah. It serves magic in a narration easily learned, giving it a meaningful value. Not buying it? Abra-kadabra! Take a look on your own! Guided by the father of the famous Riana The Sacred. Programs are opened for beginners, novices, and proficients in many varying degrees.

J. Supardi


Born as one of the Baby Boomers generation, he had a lot of experiences, one being Head of Catholic Education Council of Archdiocese of Jakarta and is one of the directors of PT. Jasa Armadi Indonesia, Pelindo II. Now he becomes the Commisary of ELP, ready to share his experiences!

Andre Wibawa


This guy in glasses is charismatic and is experienced in giving motivation dan spirituality of life. His day job being Psychology lecturer in Kalbis Institute and Bhayangkara Bekasi. Now he is one of the directors in Ethos Logos Pathos!

Immanuel Variant Rumende


His youth spirit came from every life experience he shared! His biggest achievement is going round Indonesia’s 34 provinces in 5 years! Once being a teacher in an isolated village in South Halmahera, Northern Maluku and Indonesia is Teaching team, now he pledged himself with Ethos Logos Pathos!

Stanislaus Hendro Budiyanto


His interest in educational world is realized as being one of non-permanent lecturer in Kalbis Institute, STIAMI, IGI Slipi, and Atma Jaya Catholic University. Now he is having his Ph.D in HRM studies and is now the leader of ELP ini!

Christina Theresia


This sweet girl is skilled in creating a reflective naration and expert in mentoring youth. Majoring in Theology and Management that became the pivot of her life journey. *Whisper* Theresia also has a culinary business!

Albertus Abas


Behind his wide-open smile and funny stature, this manly guy became one of the teachers at Health Polytechnic of Health Ministry, Jakarta III, and is actively giving spiritual training in various school and categorial works. *Whisper* Abas has an unique business!

Fransiskus Yacob Karman

He used to oversee building projects, now you know. Now, he has joined and became a partner of ELP!

Francelline Surja Ratnawati

A mother once being educated as a secretary has become a partner of ELP!

Markus Masan Bali

A writer of many educational books, he has joined ELP in publishing division!

Norberta I Da Costa

Once an admin for an office, now she joined ELP as a spirituality program and school education trainer!

Florensia Sitinjak

Having educated to be a teacher and an ex-Kumon mentor, she joined ELP as a spirituality program and school education trainer!

Theresia Irevitari

She is a Special Kids and Catholic religion subject teacher, and now joined ELP as a spirituality program and school education trainer!